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-====Decagon Distributor Home==== 
-{{:​decagonbuilding2.png |}}Welcome! This site is designed to provide a central location ​for resources to help you in promotion of Decagon's product line.+{{::​meter_logo.jpg?​100|}} 
 +====== METER Group Distributor Resource Pages======  
 +|{{:​decagonbuilding2.png |}}
 +==Welcome! This site is designed to provide a central location ​of resources to help you in promotion of METER Group's product line.== 
 +|[[soil_moisture_sensors|Soil Moisture Sensors & Loggers]]|[[water_potential_sensors|Water Potential sensors]]|[[benchtop_lab_instruments|Bench-top Lab Instruments]]| 
 +|[[Hydraulic_Conductivity|Hydraulic Conductivity]]|[[deep_drainage|Deep Drainage/​Water monitoring]]|[[plant_canopy|Plant Canopy]]| 
 +|[[enviro_monitoring|Environment Monitoring Sensors]]|[[tempos_thermal_properties|Thermal Properties]]|[[images|Corporate Logos]]|
-Please click on the links on the right to access the different available resources.