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Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil Moisture Sensor/TEROS Catalog
meter_env_soil_moisture.pdfMETER TEROS Sensor Catalog
teros_10.pdfTEROS 10 Spec Sheet
teros_11.pdfTEROS 11 Spec Sheet
teros_12.pdfTEROS 12 Spec Sheet
MAS-1 4-20mA sensor
ZL6 Basic
ZSC Bluetooth sensor Interface
Case Studies
Smart orchard aims to install thousands of sensors for actionable insights
Compression testing of Soil Moisture Sensors embedded in Asphalt
Stem water content changes our understanding of tree water use
Soil sensors help thousand-year-old levees protect residents of the Secchia River valley
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Snapdragons and Soil Moisture Sensors
Fukushima Reborn
Living on the Brink--Wasatch Plateau
Feeding the World Through Irrigation
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Mesh wireless sensor networks: Will their potential ever be realized?
Why Mesonets make Weather Prediction more Accurate
Using sensors in a concrete bridge/overpass
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Improving Drought Tolerance in Soybean
More effective Rain Gardens
Are biodegradable mulches actually better for the environment?
Green Roofs--Do they work?
Water-energy balance of the WI central sands
Climate Change and Rangeland Productivity
Coastal fog in a California pine forest
Screening for Drought Tolerance
Soil moisture sensors in turf
Soil sensors evaluate cold-in-place recycling design and construction recommendations
Soil Moisture/Temp sensors aid in Landmine detection
Scientists and Greenhouse Growers collaborate to help the Environment
Low impact design: Sensors validate california groundwater resource management
Oklahoma Switchgrass: How deeper root systems affect the water cycle
Climate change, genetics and the future world
Water holding and temperature patterns of canopy soil in an old-growth forest
Soil moisture sensors aid forensic science in time of death estimates
Reasons for diurnal changes in soil moisture